​"The whole universe is based

on rhythms. Everything

happens in circles,

in spirals."


John Hartford

xAx ink

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© 2016 Zachary Reece (xAx). 

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Zachary Reece, xAx, artist, illustrator.


Passionate for the pointillism style of pen and ink you see here, prints of nearly every size are available, please just contact me.


Glad to discuss creating a personalized portrait for you too.

Online purchases available soon, until then, please call or text 303-332-3291

Twisted & Knotty (2017)

Charlie walks up to a tree. The tree says, "don't mind all of my leaves, I will be shedding them soon." Charlie says, "but I rather like them Old Tree. They shimmer in the breeze and soothe my thoughts." "But they hide my big strong limbs," says the tree, "and I seek to impress that cute Maple over there." "Trees fall in love?" Asked Charlie. The tree answered with no hesitation or consideration of young Charlie. "No. We just get knotty."